La Torre Outlet Zaragoza is set to open its doors this spring

Feb 20, 2020

  • The shopping park has presented its new brand, maintaining the prominence of the Pikolín tower, an icon of the city of Zaragoza. 
  • The space includes an outlet village that aspires to be the definitive shopping destination for northern Spain and southern France, managed by operator ROS Retail Outlet Shopping, European leader in fashion and lifestyle shopping outlets.

Shopping and leisure park La Torre Outlet Zaragoza will open its doors to coincide with the end of this next spring. The space includes an outlet with fashion and lifestyle brands, which aspires to become the shopping destination of reference for northern Spain and southern France.
The project, which has seen a total investment of 100M euros, will generate 1,000 direct jobs and another 8,000 indirect ones. “We are happy to be able to affirm with total confidence that La Torre Outlet Zaragoza will very soon be a reality,” Luis Barcelona, CEO of Grupo Iberebro, stated. “We want this new commercial space to be consolidated as a shopping destination that, in addition to having the best brands, contributes to strengthening Saragossa’s and the region’s offer of fashion and leisure, and serves to bolster the city’s draw in the way of national and international tourism,” Barcelona went on to elaborate.
La Torre Outlet Zaragoza presented its new brand identity today, an image “more in line with the reality of Saragossa and which brings out the prominence of the characteristic tower of the old Pikolín facilities,” as Barcelona explained. He further placed special emphasis on the “opportunity it entails for Saragossa to count on an outlet concept such as this one, as today it is the only major Spanish city lacking this format among its commercial bid.”
The new shopping area covers a total of 61,500 sqm, of which 13,500 sqm are allotted to the outlet fashion zone, 15,000 sqm to the food court and leisure zone, and 33,000 sqm to medium-sized units.

Plaza 2

From left to right, Claudio Poltera, Head of Leasing ROS Management Spain; Luis Barcelona, CEO Grupo Iberebro; Alvaro Palacio, CEO GPA

La Torre Outlet Zaragoza, run by ROS Retail Outlet Shopping, one of Europe’s leading operator of designer outlets across Europe will feature a selection of well-known international fashion, sports and lifestyle brands. In the words of Thomas Reichenauer, CEO and co-founder of ROS Retail Outlet Shopping, “It fills us with pride to be the operator of this unique project and to have our company’s first site in Spain. The outlet will be enriched by a very complete bid of cinema, a gastronomy zone, all digitally integrated too, as well as spaces dedicated to leisure; giving rise to a new generation of outlets in Europe, and also satisfying an ever more demand-ing consumer at the perfect shopping destination.”
During the unveiling of the definitive La Torre Outlet Zaragoza project, head architect Alejandro San Felipe commented, “The architectural plan is inspired by the old Pikolín plant which used to occupy these terrains. Therefore, both the volumes and the materials with which the new constructions have been designed respond to those of industrial architecture. The tower that housed the old offices, one of the city’s icons, becomes the image of the project, and fits into the aesthetic of the whole.”
In this sense, the design of La Torre Outlet Zaragoza has been conceived with the aim of creating a space that affords visitors a pleasant and novel experience. Sustainability and the digitalization of the project are two of the pillars in achieving this objective.

The shopping offer is expected to capture the interest of 3 million people in an area of influence stretching as far as 120 minutes away by car. It aspires to receive visitors from Aragon, the Basque Country, La Rioja, Navarre, Soria, Lerida, and the south of France, as well as from the Pyrenees-bound traffic out of Madrid and the Community of Valencia.

La Torre Outlet Zaragoza
Managed by ROS Retail Outlet Shopping
Autovía de Logroño, Km 6.5 , Zaragoza, Aragón, 50011, España info@latorreoutletzaragoza.com

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